Be part of every session wherever you may be linking up with one of our three studios here at Risk. We offer a range of studio connections from Source Connect, Skype & Hybrid Phone. Whether you are a studio, agency or client, we’ll make sure your session is heard by those that need to. See all our connection details to the right and below. For linkup bookings, please phone during business hours (+61) 03 8698 4888 or contact us here.

Source Connect: risk

With dedicated IP ports for solid-stable connections, we can link to studios nationally and internationally for sessions. Source Connect has become the industry standard for studio link-ups, making it easy to record talent where ever they may be.

Google - Circle

Google Hangouts:

With Google Hangouts we can patch you directly into the studio.
This allows you to easily call into the session, from your mobile, laptop or desktop.

circle-cropped :

Zoom allows you to have a conference call, with up to 100 participants.
This web-based platform has a local, desktop client and a mobile app.

Skype: risksound

With audio patched directly into Skype, you can dial into your session and listen and direct talent if you cant be in the studio in person. Listen in and make changes on the fly and then have your files sent directly to you.

Hybrid Phone: +613 8698 4888

We have Hybrid facilities in all studios where you can listen in to the session and talk directly with talent and the engineer. Alternatively if you need client approval and they can’t make the session, we can have them listen in and approve as the session progresses.


We understand the world is a 24-7 international workplace. We are always happy to accommodate our local and international clients with sessions working to different time-zones. Check with us about our availability. Whether you need a studio to link up with to record local talent, or talent staying locally; a client presentation room for work being completed interstate and overseas; or simply want a space to listen in and give direction, we have a number of services available for you to take advantage of. With an established name in the industry for casting and working with major and boutique talent agencies, combined with our own internal auditioning, we can help in your next project to find the right voice for your creative idea.