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    Audio Post Production Melbourne

    Audio Post Production

    Our sound designers are experts in their craft and can deliver on all aspects of post production audio from recording, editing, sound designing and mixing for TV, radio, cinema, online and mobile.

    Risk Sound has over 20 years experience in Audio Post Production for commercial work broadcasting on television, radio, streaming services and internal corporate work. We are also talent directors in our own right with experience working with children and across all ages.

    Specialising in Online and Television advertisements through to Radio Advertising and Spotify Ads we offer high quality Audio production across all desired mediums.

    We can also assist in Theatre production sound design and comedy show sound scapes.

    Whether its dialogue or location recording clean ups, music editing, simple sound effects to full scale sound Design, along with Voice overs, talent direction or Branding mneumonics, we love to create.

    • Voice Direction
    • Sound Design & Direction
    • Radio Advertising Production
    • SFX Creation
    • Recording, Editing, Mixing
    • Location Record
    • Dialogue Clean up
    • ADR
    • Spotify Advertising
    • TVC Post Audio
    • Mixing for TV, Radio, Online, Cinema & Mobile Broadcast


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