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    Terms of service

    Payment terms, with prior credit approval, strictly 30 days. Cash accounts by prior arrangement and payment at end of the session by cash, cheque, or electronic transfer via our bank account.

    Verbal studio reservations shall constitute a contract. Sessions will be billed in full unless canceled 24 hours prior to booking. No cancellation fee applicable if time can be re-sold.

    International ISDN and Source-Connect link-ups require reasonable time for organizing and confirmation. Please allow for international time zones.

    Trading hours are between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. Overtime rates will apply outside normal trading hours.

    Risk Sound assumes no risks for and makes no guarantees concerning the content of materials prepared for clients or for delivery schedules, arrival times, or broadcast dates of materials prepared for clients. All risks for content and delivery are assumed by and are solely those of the client, and Risk Sound will not be liable to the client for any claims or damages whatsoever relating to content and delivery.

    All data, documents, and tapes are received and stored by Risk Sound solely at the client’s risk, and clients shall ensure that all such items are insured against loss or damage by fire, burglary, theft, and any other cause whatsoever.

    All data, documents, tapes, and client property are accepted by Risk Sound, for a maximum of 5 years, on the express condition that Risk Sound will not be liable for any loss, damage, deterioration, or delay whatsoever in respect of any data, documents, tapes and client property handled by it even when such loss, damage, deterioration or delay may have been occasioned by the negligence or wrongful act, default, or breach of contract on the part of Risk Sound, its employees or servants or agents or others for whose acts it would otherwise be responsible.


    Please note that all our television broadcast final mixes comply with the OP48 & OP59 specification, however, we cannot take responsibility for any of our mixes not complying with the aforesaid specification if re-striping is done outside of our facilities.

    WAV – 48kHz – 16bit has been the Radio Broadcast Format since May 2009. Data files supplied in WAV format at 48kHz may not convert correctly to 44.1kHz when writing Standard Audio CD’s on some CD-Rom writers. Always check an Audio CD if compiling it using 48kHz audio, to ensure there are no problems with the audio quality.