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    Sound Design Melbourne

    Bring your project to life in our Melbourne Sound Design Studios. Whether it’s enhancing your pictures to creating theatre of the mind, no project is too big or small for our team. From advertising commercials for television or video on demand to radio advertising and online audio streaming services through to film and documentary projects we understand how crucial sound is to the final product.

    Risk Sound loves the challenge or cutting edge sound design – helping clients take their production to ear catching levels.

    At our sound design studio, we have dedicated sound designers who work on your project to provide the best audio at every stage. Whether its creating fresh new sound FX, foley, utilising our extensive sound effects libraries, casting the right voice for your project or making that voice sparkle and cut through the clutter. Our studio team, have years of industry experience and can help with all aspects of sound design – from simple sound effects to full scale sound design and mneumonics. 

    We have a vast array of microphones to suit your project or voice, client friendly studios, multiple dial in options to attend sessions online and video link up options to see and direct talent. Get your audio produced by passionate sound designers in Melbourne by reaching out to us.

    Sound Design Studio with Great Facilities

    With many varied projects happening in the building at the same time, across Risk Sound Soundfirm and Squaresound, it’s always a hive of activity and creativity at our sound design studios in Melbourne. It is a common sight to get a glimpse of some of the top producers, filmmakers, creatives and dubbing artists at our studio. You may even spot a celebrity or two.

    Our sound design studios have a vocal booth in each mixing room, visual connections for directing and seeing talent and plenty of space for clients to move around or settle in for the days project.

    The other features of our studio include:

    • A Foley Room
    • Our own Internal Sound Libraries
    • Unlimited access to Worldwide Music and Sound Effects Libraries
    • Access to Soundfirms Dolby Atmos cinema

    End your search for a top-quality sound designer in Melbourne by contacting Risk Sound today.

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